The Stop Movement is for everyone, and is made by everyone.

It is what is happening in every single moment of our lives, no matter what thought it intention that moment is fed with.

It is what is happening before we are born, and after we die.

The Stop Movement is between every breath, and is inside every heart ache.

It is the thing that we try to find when we’ve forgotten something, and it is underneath what we end up finding.

Beyond every sunrise, is the Stop Movement. Between the sun and the moon during a total solar eclipse is also the Stop Movement. Inside the wonderment of the conception of life, it is there.

In the breath of a first kiss, in the first solo step of a toddler, and in the last solo step of an aged traveller. In the fists of a peace martyr, and in the grasp of my love on my chest.

The Stop Movement is inside of every one of every thing of all there is. But, to see it is to deny it.

So since 2013 we have celebrated the Stop Movement in one form or another, collectively, and sometimes unconsciously. We celebrated it for a while on a Sunday evening at 7pm GMT. But this was not enough. Times are changing, and with it so does everything.

The Stop Movement as an online space will change and develop continuously over time, but will always be that space at the end of the breath, before the loop that never ends.

The themes below are open to any contributions (please mail contributions to simon@stopmovement.org), and to all to take what you can from them:

Sounds of the Universe

The Stop Press


The following themes for contribution are in the pipeline as of January 2017, expecting to open to contributions before end of February!

Winter’s turning:
The value of descent as a fasting of the heart that prepares for the riches of life.

Balance of Soul and Spirit.
Spirit as in clarity of intent, Soul as in fullness of living.

Being where you are.
“Having no destination, I am never lost” – Ikkyu. The perfection of right now: the flower has brown-tipped petals.

The seed.
Not just intentions – actions. But how to work with what’s already planted.
The air-borne seed – how the unseen hands of the wind guide the seed, how such unseen hands are at work in us, whether we tune in or not. How we in fact manifest as unseen hands to guide others. Practical how-tos for mindfulness, coping with desolation.

The life-cycle.
What have you been? What might you be?

Summer’s vine.
“There is good wine in every generation” – the Talmud. New wine in old skeins: how we carry the richness of tradition, how we carry our own richness.

The smile of the ancient statue.
Finding peace in not-knowing.

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